[Bremen] Welcome to the "Bremen" mailing list

Yaroslav Sheptykin yarik.sheptykin at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 19 22:22:16 CEST 2011

Hi guys!

        My name is Yarik. I am new to the mailing list therefore
        introduction first! I am 24, come from Ukraine. Spreche ein
        bisschen Deutsch weil bin schon seit 2 jahren hier aber English
        geht viel viel besser. Deschalb weiter in English. I study
        Digital Media at HS Bremen. There I also work in a little but a
        very ambitious project. In simple words, within the project we
        try to mix location based mobile games and geospatial systems
        and see what happens. More details - on request. I am not new to
        the openstreetmap, meaning that I have been using it for various
        purposes but until now I haven't tried roll myself into
        I never knew community exists in Bremen! Was a great discovery
        for me. I saw that you used to have regular meetings each 31
        days. I was curious if you guys still meet? Is the community
        still alive?

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