[OSM in MV] Mapilary und workflow

Peter Neubauer peter at mapillary.com
Mo Jun 22 11:03:01 CEST 2015

ich kopiere mal eine Antwort an Matthias auf English - wir arbeiten an
besserem Workflow und der Kontrolle der Bilder sowohl vorm dem upload
als auch danach.


Regarding better privacy and publishing workflow:
- we are working on a better review workflow in the apps, but that
will take some more time - too much to do.
- you can already now build you own reviewing workflow by not letting
the app upload images in the background automatically, but instead
download the images to your computer, review them and upload them with
the open scripts a
thttps://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_tools/tree/master/python. That
way, you have full control over the review process. For blurring, we
are also thinking about a faster way to approve your own changesets on
your photos - we need to change some of the changeset structure to
make it fully trackable before that, though.
- by having the external upload possibility, there are now external
editors with review - capability coming up, like this summers
Mapillary-JOSM plugin,
where this hopefully is added very soon.

Non-Android devices:
- There are apps for Windows Phone, Android, iPhone
- You can contribute to a https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_firefox app
- you can use any external camera, even without compass, to create
Mapilary-ready material and upload it, see



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