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So Mär 8 19:43:35 CET 2009

comparison to other events we have no hard limit for the amount of
exhibitor passes, but we kindly ask you to order only a decent
amount. We review all orders and approve them manually. The exhibitor
passes have just enable its possessor to enter Berlin fairgrounds a
little bit earlier than the public. Please do not order passes for
friends or project members, which do not help at your booth. For them
we will provide you enough eTickets, which are free tickets for all
four days. To order exhibitor passes, please use the vcc:;personality=project;id=15069

We organize all information in the public LinuxTag Wiki. Please find
all related information here:
Before sending questions to the Project Committee we kindly ask you
to have a look into the FAQ and the A-Z pages.

We have subscribed you to our mailing lists for all participating free
software projects:
 * projects-announce at - A low traffic, read only list where
   all newsletters and information regarding the free projects
   participation at LinuxTag will be sent to.
 * projects-discussion at - The official list for sharing
   ideas and discussing everything related to LinuxTag.

In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the
projects committee by mail: projects at

Your friendly VCC email bot on behalf of the
Project Committee LinuxTag 2009